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For Seeun with love… :D

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She’s my twitter friend from NY.. I don’t know if she remember this, but we’ve been following ( on twitter ) each other since 9th Oct 2010. I remembered it well because it was on 2PM comeback date on ‘i’ll be back’. Joined the tiny chat and met wonderful hottest friends there. Since then, she’s a good friend of mine..even though haven’t met her yet, but i feel close to her.

She sent me something last febuary which is the most lovely things i ever received!.. She made a beautiful ‘HwangCat’ figure out of clay! its so beautiful! and i really love it!! Took me a while to write back to her despite my crazy busy schedules..till i dont have time for myself! LOL..

So..On early may ive decided to write and sent something to her!! yippie!! im super excited for this!.. Its been a while since ive sent something abroad! the last time i remember..i was sending stuffs for my friend at Japan. I guess its 7 or 8 years ago!  a big box and cost me less than 100MYR. So this time i have no clue on how i should sent this this to her. Got a few advice on how to ship this out by a friend (Kak Mon) and on 11th May 2011, i got into the post office and ready to settle. at 1st i ask on shipping through ‘pos laju’ and thought it will be okey! after the parcel got weight shocked!!! it cost me more than 100MYR! i think its 123MYR to be exact! its not a big parcel/package..only a size of half  A4 paper. and yeah i couldnt affort it! so i ask other option and he suggested me to use the ‘register post’ so that i can track the parcel online!.. so i did! and its much much cheaper! less than 10MYR.

I’ve wait and wait and wait. Tracked the parcel through ‘Pos Malaysia’ system and from 12th May, its on the same status “delivered to 2835493” which is i have no idea on that!! the system is suck! theres no update at all! luckily ive ask friend on twitter (cik rina) and she ask me to check with the U.S  portal service and its only took me like a minute or 2 and BAM!! all the details was there!!!! im so happy! the parcel arrived on 20th May but too bad..she’s not at home to receive it. so she have to go to the post office and get that parcel.

Last nite at about 2am (my time) and 2pm (her time), she whatsapp me saying that she got the parcel!! yippie!!!!! im so happy it finally in her hand!!!… and im more happy, she love the thing i sent her!!

photos are from @SeEun402’s twitpic.. 😀

I make this pearl bracelet for her belated birthday (2nd April) gift!.. and she friggin love this! happy! hehehehe… still can’t believe she’s wearing it now.

I also gave her a birthday card, a letter and a Malaysian postcard . ( psssttt!! i can read what i write in this pic, bb..LOL). your photo is amazingly clear! kekekekeekekekek….

I love doing this once a while!.. wish i could write more to my friends. but yeah! i dont have the time! /sigh!. this kind of things, means a lot to me coz i do appreciated my friends and i do dearly love them!. wish i can just hangout with my hottest friends someday. and just talk and laugh over 2PM!! wanna do it right now! LOL. someday…someday.. 😀

“eun eun bb, we’ve known each other for 6 months now!! can’t believe we actually did that coz it felt like we just met in twitter..hehe. through out the months. i felt like we’ve known each other for more than 1o years! its so easy to talk to you and just share something with you. Thanks 2 the technology coz we’re like a thousands miles away and still talk to each other through twitter and whatsapp! everydayyyyy.. I just want you to thankful i am having you as 1 of my good friend even though we havent met yet! Take care, bb and i love you..”


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