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Im so so damn HAPPY!!! can’t even imagine that im holding the photobook now!!! LOL ..

My 2PM 1st concert>Don’t Stop Can’t Stop “This is for my Hottest” photobook arrived on May 20th 2011 (Friday).. And yeah! its damn heavy for a photobook! (weight in 1.2KG) and it worth my money! not complaining at all! kekekekeekekkeke…

200 pages full of 2PM! from Practice, Rehearsal, Concert, MULA 2010 (Thailand) and 2PM members questionnaire. I personally love the practice photos coz its in comic style! ย <33333333. This photobook is in korean and english! so im not missing anything from this!! ๐Ÿ˜€

The photobook also comes with a DVD preview of 2PM 1st concert DSCS + 1 2PM postcard

here’s some photos of the photobook.. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is definitely my precious 2PM collection! and im glad i bought it! coz its a MUST HAVE for every hottest!! this is for us y’all!! looking page by page..we smiled..and yes we cried! coz we know the journey..we felt it..its our life!!

taken from QnA section (-Khun)

Question no 14 “What is one promise you are anxious to keep with other 2PM members?”

“The promise our members made to join the army and also be discharged all together at the same time and work on the album” (Junsu,taec,wooyoung,Junho,Chansung)

then Taec added “khun will look after 2PM until we come back”




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  1. ุนุงุดู‚ 2PM

    can u share the dvd plz ?


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