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Lynda’s Birthday Dinner

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Happy birthday to my cousin, Lynda ( 14th May 2011 )… She’s 31 now.. Hihik! …

Going for a birthday dinner at UPPERSTAR , Lintas. I really love this place! So cozy and nice! Love the interior design. UPPERSTAR, Lintas opened i think last year and i only been there a couple of time. Used to hangout at upperstar’s other branch in KK…

I had Grilled chicken. Weeeee.. Delicious!!!

**nak gak arror2 my 2PM button phonechain! kkkkkkk

After dinner, we’re going to the movies for Fast5!.. And.. And.. Bumped into my close/beloved cousin, Roy!! I haven’t see him in like 1 and a half year!! ( Though our parent home is facing each other! LOL ) i miss him so very much!! ㅜㅜ. We’re going for a drink after movie and just talked and laughed! And we’re planning a mild cousin gathering on friday. Hopefully everyone is free!.. Arrrggghhh!!.. Can’t really wait!! I wanna see Roy, Dino, Baby and the rest!! I want Firman, Miding and Beboy to be there aswell.. We’ll seeeeeeee ♥ ♥ ♥… i had so much fun…without even noticed.. it was 6AM already!! kkkkkkk…its been a long time since i had my wild night out!!

**fast5..hmmmmm..not crazy about it.. 3 out of 5 stars! ;D

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