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SNSD’s Photobook for BabyBro

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This is a belated birthday’s present for my babybro, One .. He’s 21 y/o ( 28 March 2011 ). Its a gift from Me and my brother, Andy. Didn’t plan this earlier and do the pre-order a week before One’s birthday ( kinda too late for the book to arrive on his bday ). After more than a month, the book finally arrived! ( 5th May 2011 ) yay!!

Its his 1st SNSD official stuff ( i guess ). He’s been complaining of me and Andy kept on buying 2PM stuffs ( coz we’re proud HOTTEST!! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ) . So.. Yeah! This is kinda important things to do to make him happy since he’s a SNSD’s fan!

“All about Girls’ Generation-Paradise in Phuket” Photobook.

Its a 300 pages full of the famous 9 girls. All the photos are beautiful! What i love the most.. It comes with 3 language. Korean, English and Japanese.

I didn’t have much time to wrap this present since I’m giving this to him on the day its arrived. Wish i have pink ribbon coz its SNSD’s color but red looks nice on it too.. ;D

He was so happy when he got his present! and I’m happy to have chance to do this for him. Its totally a precious things for him. I bought some other SNSD’s goods ( unofficial ) for him and he did take care all the stuffs eventhou its almost a year but all the stuffs looks new.

I love you, babybro! ♥

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