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elecoldxhot FTW!

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Super excited for d SHOWDOWN 2011….. Not because HMC PHLOW.. But totally deeply because of this hot damn crazee talented crew! ELECOLDXHOT !!! Don’t get me wrong..its not that HMC is not good! But yeah! I got my fav crew now! ;p

Been following SHOWDOWN since last year.. And more excited for this year when i saw ECX since the audition stage then Meltdown and now showdown baby! I’ve been following them on youtube too.. Damn!! They’re friggin good dancers! And they’re the opening dancers for SS2 ( Super Junior Show 2 ) here in Malaysia 2010 ( i think )…

After the 1st show on showdown tonight.. Gosh! I was like asdfhgjdladsfjgfkgkshajkflgjhaakfdhf! Damn good!!! Shait!!! I really love them!!

Found out through my brother that 2 of them got twitter account ( immediately follow ) .. More Happy coz its Dennis Yin !! The other is Chris ( i think he’s d crew leader ) … Seriously the way Dennis’s dance are just like Taeyang ( Bigbang ).. He look like taeyang toooo! ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ not that I’m bias just bcoz he look like a korean idol ( which is I’m addicted 2 kpop ) but like seriously you have to see him and the crews dance!!!

-its not long after showdown ended.. Dennis replied my tweet! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-This is Dennis Yin! I do think he look like taeyang! LOL ( this is Dennis’s DP on twitter! I just ‘capture it’ )

Catch SHOWDOWN 2011 live every wednesday.. 9.30PM on 8TV ( Repeat Show on Tuesday.. 11.40PM )

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