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my 2PM’s cupcakes on google!

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Last night.. miss anisbucklee tweeted mention at me saying he saw 1 of my 2pm cupcake on google! not big deal la kan?? tapi aku ttp berbangga gak hasil keje aku leh je kne view oleh sape2 kat sna.. /iz proud of myself… ekekkekekekek


at 1st i dont know which cupcakes is on google coz i do make lots of 2PM’s cupcakes.. just for fun! coz i love them sfm and im thinking abt them like 247.. turns out its the cupcakes that i make not so long ago! with a black based fondant and red writing.. i have to admit thats the best 2PM’s cupcakes ive ever make.. πŸ˜€ ( time tu sgt rajin smpi bleh roll2 fondant nak buat..coz i dont really like to work with fondant.. leceh sgt!..hehehhe ) the cupcake shown there were the same as i put on the right side of my blog! πŸ˜€


type ‘2PM love’ on google (image) and u can see my cupcake there..weeee~~~~~

and yeah!! HOTTEST forever love 2PM!


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