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**Keje terbengkalai kejap coz aku nak buat entry nih! :p

So… Here we go!! “All about 2PM” released on 9th March 2011…

Sony Music Entertainment ( Japan ) has compiled 5 albums of 2PM ( Singles/Mini albums/albums ) which were previously released in Korea.

“STILL 02:00PM”

All these comes with a box set and original package  exclusively for Japan. This Japanese version consists of  a Photobook of 5 albums as well as lyrics booklet with Japanese translation.

In addition..

1.  “A never seen before DVD”

~Composer Junsu

~Chansung’s Training Techniques

~Wooyoung’s Original Face Washing Techniques

~Taecyeon’s Cooking class

~Photographer Junho

~Nichkhun’s JYP Office Tour

2.  2PM original case with 2PM original design T-Shirt

3.  2PM hardcover poscards

4.  2PM mobile straps wit key rings of each member’s name

Price : MYR 700++

**credits to daegutang and Wild2Day


I can’t effort to buy AA2PM /sad….

Its just TOO EXPENSIVE!! I have all the albums.. I just need the DVD and other goods… why can’t they sell them separately?

Even if i have the money, i dont think i’ll buy this set coz its just too much. too much….. /sobs


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  1. how to buy ?


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