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Its friday already!!
I have so much free time this week.. /sgt boring okey!! Hehehehe..
So I’ve decided to write an entry about my 2PM collection (so far).. Bukan nak menunjuk2 tp saje tuk berkongsi koleksi 2PM saye yg x seberapa ini…hehehe
I spent too much money on 2PM! LOL… But i never regret it coz its the most precious things to me!! …

Since I’m a cupcakes maker… Usually if i have an extra cupcakes.. I love to write like 2PM on it!.. Gaining weight easily for those extra cupcakes i ate! LOL …

1. 2PM keychain i bought from Alynn in KL
2. 2PM wristband also bought it from Alynn
3. STILL2:00PM (Korea version)
4. 2PM hottest DVD (Japan) expensive! ㅠㅠ
5. 2PM album collection
~Hottest time of the day (2008)
~2:00PM Time for change (2009)
~1:59PM the first album (2009)
~Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (2010)
~Still 2:00PM (2010)
6. HwangCat clay figure handmade by Dana Seeun from the states.
7. My winning Still 2:00PM cd from Sony Music Malaysia. (I’m in 2nd place! If i win 1st price..I’m going to see 2PM at MNET concert,Singapore! Too bad i didn’t win! /sobs)
8. 12 cut posters from my cousin, fieda
9. 2PM Poster from YG magazine
10. Chansung’s badge and figure from Alynn

1. Submitted in ihott’s project for 2PM 2nd anniversary
2. Extra cupcakes! Hottest ♥ 2PM (using fondant base)
3. A set of cupcakes for friends in KL
4. Chansung’s cupcakes! “̮
5. My Bro, andy’s birthday cake last year
6. Extra cupcakes again!
7. “HoButtDay” for junho’s bday! “̮
8. 2PM black and red cupcake
9. 2PM is the best!!! “̮ “̮ “̮ “̮ “̮

I love 2PM sfm!! Words can’t even tell how much i love them!.. I wanna be “hottest” for life!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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