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On 28th February.. Dream High reached the final episode!(Korea broadcast) sobs!…. I’ve been streaming this drama every tuesday and wednesday coz i can’t really wait to watch it on KBSW (pssttt… i lied to my cousins and pretended i never watch DH when we were watching it together on KBSW…ekekekkeke)

Its just a simple highschool drama..but i got so into it!.. maybe coz there’s so many Kstars involved..and im totally ย 2PM biased! ekekekke…But..overall..i had fun watching DH! the storylines are good..the acting are good and the OST are damn good!!!! Congrats to JYP and the whole production team!!.. Despite the tight Idols schedules..The cold’ve managed to produced such a good and loveable drama! i can watch DH over and over again!!!.. ๐Ÿ˜€

I am mostly anticipated in “Milky Couple”! (Pilsuk/Jaeson-IU/Wooyoung) kkkkkkkkkkkk….even they have like a couple of minute scene in each episode..still im waiting for them!!!.. they’re too good to be true!!!… everything about them are just adorable!!..How i wish theyre real couple…but..well…like thats gonna happen, rite??? hehehehhehe..

Highly recommended! you should watch this Drama….

You can watch it here with eng sub! ย

**My top 3 “DREAM HIGH” soundtrack :-

1. Someday – IU

2. If – Park Jin Young (JYP)

3. Dreaming – Kim Soo Hyun

**Check out DREAM HIGH from WIKI!ย


Taecyeon and wooyoung are the actors on Dream high.. Nichkhun and Chansung make a cameo in DH while Junsu composed a soundtrack for DH!… how i wish Junho was part of DH too… Its okey Nuneo bb… maybe next time! ๐Ÿ˜€

Nichkhun cameo on DH episode 8

Chansung’s cameo on DH episode 12

Junsu for DH’s soundtrack

2PM Junsu & Lim Jung Hee – ๊ฐ€์ง€๋งˆ Don’t Leave


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