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Black..White and Red Roses……

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This is the most exciting week for me! Though i always making cakes and cupcakes but this is kinda new for me. Customer requested black and white theme for her wedding cakes and cupcakes!..

Its like a couple of week disscusion with client and it went smoothly.. She accepted any idea we got for her and glad that she trusted us (me and my cousin) to make it for her special day.

Started getting busy on thursday with so many things to buy and prepare. i love shopping in a baker shop. I can spent hours in there just to find cute little things for decoration.

I don’t have problem making the cupcakes and the 1 round cake but with the 3 tier wedding cake is stressful! LOL.. I wish i have a big marble table coz i need to roll out the big fondant for the lower cake without the fondant sticking to the table. Spent about 7hours just on the 3 tier cake! And finally at 4am last night..everything is done!!!! Yeay!!!!! Wedding cakes weight at probably 7 to 8 KG.. Had a hardtime to lift that up! .. “̮

I want to do this again! Its fun even its too stressful! When things are not work out i get so mad and frustrated. But i guess..its my passion that help me a lot. Ill never get tired of doing this. I will keep on learning to make more beautiful cakes and cupcakes.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

**nap time! Flu getting worst (this always happen when i only have like 2hours of sleep each day) Me+Flu=OTP! LOL

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  1. gile cantikkkk kek n cuppies! aku suka 1 round cake tu… naissss!! n yeayyy for the 3 tier cake… ^^


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